Tuesday, February 27, 2007

.: Ranch Kids :.

Now, I know that I didn't technically live at the ranch, but I spent the majority of my childhood there :o)

"You know you lived at the Flying H Youth ranch if...

You threaten your kids with a white card

You hate day old donuts because you ate so many of them

You know how to build secret forts out of hay bales

You automatically do the sniff test on all individual sized chocolate milks

You ever hunted skunks at the pig barn

You didn't worry if your kids were out in the woods for hours

You wish your local public school had a rock pile

You know what a slop bucket is

You carefully inspect all forms of bread before consuming

You've ever hunted cats

Your favorite sweatshirt is a back room special

You understand what Hit the Loop means

The thought of going on an 8 or 10 day Survival Hike with food seems wimpy

You ever rode a snowmobile in your slippers

Your favorite gospel song is There is a Light in the Window

You didn't care if your kid shouted Mom, I'm going to the river.

You still have a stash of Y2K wheat and beans

While running baseball bases you keep an eagle eye out for cow pies

The sight of an elk hanging on a swing set while children play inspires joy

You bang the door loudly before going into a back storage room to scare away the cockroaches

Please feel free to forward to any past or present Flying H staff or staff kids or residents. If you think of another one, email me with it and I'll put together a part 2!


Rebecca Roberts"

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