Sunday, July 22, 2007

.: Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream... :.

I am definitely "high on emotion" right now... I really can't believe that this morning, I woke up in my bed in my room at my home in the Nile.

As a communication studies major, I have taken multiple classes about how people interact with other people. Part of the way it all goes down lies in how we form a sense of identity... in many cases, where people are from (aka hometown) plays a major role in identity & therefore, how they relate to each other.

Last night I realized I will forever be a "Nile Girl." I can't really describe what this means; you either get it or you don't. Nile Girls understand their role in almost every aspect of life, as long as we remember that we are indeed Nile Girls, and think to ourselves, "how would a Nile Girl handle this?" That train of thought is so incredibly helpful when attempting to make decisions (which, as we all know, I am not that great at). I wish I could say there was a rulebook or manual to follow to make this easier, thank the good Lord for grace!

It blows my mind to think that last night I was surrounded by some of the closest friends I have ever had (not all, of course, but a good majority)... and the crazier part was that they were from all different times in my life and yet it all came full circle and tied in on ONE DAY. From the Merritts, Fikes and Williams, who I don't even remember meeting because we were so young, to friends I met throughout the years (the entire Simmons family, the Forsmans, the Harris', Brandon, Phil, Shane and a bunch of Nile folk) - in high school to friends Nicole & I met in college - and the ones that were there every step of the way (Frieds, Medranos, Lawsons, McIlroys...).

All this is to say that I'm feeling very satisfied and very worn out at the same time.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

.: Laundry, part 2 :.

Today's activities:

- Work
- Tour of the Chaminade with Jen Cope (I love Conference Services outing days!)
- Laundry
- Homework at Coffee Cat

Let's focus on laundry for a moment. As you may know, I have been desperately seeking my favorite laundry soap at local shopping centers, to no avail. I finally broke down and bought a different one, hoping it was simply an updated package/name for the kind I loved, but no such luck. It's not horrible though, so that's good. My laundry is all clean. :o)

Monday, July 16, 2007

.: Laundry :.

(I am on a role today with this blogging thing...)

I LOVE doing laundry. Seriously. I like sorting... and loading... and switching... and folding... and ironing... it's kind of ridiculous, really. What I love most is the smell of the laundry (post-washing, that is). On that note...

What the hell happened to all of the purple All laundry detergent!?!?!

It was my favorite detergent, cleaned and softened...I bought it at Nob Hill (grocery store next to the laundromat where I washed my clothes one day), because I forgot my other stuff. OH MY GOSH. I fell in love with it. Now, when you only wash for one, you don't run out of laundry soap all that quickly. (Segue to a fun-filled night...)

One crazy spring night, I decided to do some laundry (I was out of clothing). Not willing to settle for just any laundry soap, I took some friends on a fun little adventure to figure out where the heck I bought the stuff to begin with. After hitting up Rite Aid, 2 Long's Drugs, 2 Safeways, Walgreen's and Kmart, we decided to try one last place before taking our quest into Santa Cruz. "We have a winner!" The joyous shout was finally proclaimed after an hour of this madness... let's just say my poor poor friends were relieved that I finally found it at Nob Hill... and made my buy 2 bottles so we wouldn't be doing this again anytime soon.

Now, imagine my disappointment the last time I was at Nob Hill, only to find that they no longer carry "All Cleans and Softens" (in the opaque purple bottle). It was devastating. I bought the regular kind, but now it's almost gone again.

Today I decided to solve this matter once and for all. I went on All's website. I searched and searched, but to no avail. Then I noticed that they are on this "small and mighty" kick...and one of them has fabric softener in it. Could it be? Does my favorite detergent simply have a newer, smaller, more potent look?

More to follow...

.: Summer :.

Things I love about summer at Mount Hermon...

- The friggin' rock-awesome weather
- There are always people around and things to do
- Monday night BBQ's
- Beach days
- Visitors!
- Summer staff
- Kids at camp
- Otter pops
- Midnight movies
- Hilarious speakers
- Kodak moments
- Long sunny days
- (things I can't mention because of a bet w/ Crabs)
- Gardening

There are more... I'll probably update this list.