Wednesday, December 21, 2005

.: Narnia :.

Sometimes it's funny what God shows you at 1:30 in the morning. I can't sleep, due to some horrible dreams that have taken place in my mind the past few nights, including tonight. I am constantly reminded of things that I wish never happened. Even so, they did happen and God is sovereign. Nicole and I want to see the Chronicles of Narnia last night and when we came home, our front door was open...nothing was missing and no one was inside, but it was rather unnerving, as Nicole is sure she locked the door when she left. So someone was in our house...there's one of my biggest fears coming true. So tonight I am sitting here and I keep thinking about that movie. Those kids were in danger throughout most of it, and yet they knew that ultimately Aslan would protect them and things would be okay. It wasn't the first time I have heard the story but e gads and little fishes, the parallel of Aslan/Jesus and all the other Biblical references really hit me hard. It pretty much took a children's story for me to realize yes, God lets bad things happen, but ultimately He has it all under control. Aslan knew better than the witch what would happen through his sacrifice and for cryin in the night, if a fairy tale character can be wise enough to see further and outsmart the enemy, how much wiser must Jesus be? So with that realization in mind, I am going back to bed now. Hopefully my dreams will be filled with better things.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

.: Things That Are Pretty Awesome :.

Things that are pretty awesome...

I just thought I'd share some places I have found joy today.

old friends
new friends
finally finding sheet music for "Carol of the Bells"
learning how to play the song
married people
single people
seeing my parents happy together
a friend's new lil baby girl
a 4 year old running across the room cause she is so happy to see you
worshipping with friends
"getting it"
crazy stories
being real with people/them being real back
a race to see if it's faster to find the words in the book or "google it"
being with people you are totally comfortable with
christmas music
planning roadtrips
mr. wildschut's red car that takes the new couples away to their honeymoons
filling an entire church to the brim with wonderful friends

I hope this brought a smile to your face :o)

Friday, December 02, 2005

.: Rachel Got Run Over By A ... :.

(to the tune of...well if you can't figure it out...oui)

"Rachel Got Run Over By A Semi"

Rachel got run over by a semi,
when the car broke down at Many's,
you can say there's no such thing as loggers,
but as for me and Donna, we believe.

When the nurses gave her morphine,
they knew she couldn't feel a thing.
She has so much medication,
she saw Bin Laden in her wallpaper.
(oh wait, that was me...)

Emily got phone duty,
when she got home at five AM
she wasn't very happy,
when people started calling in around eight.

The later she went to see Arson,
who was doin pretty well,
and although she won't admit it,
she saw Osama just as well as I did.

Oh she wasn't very happy,
when the rumors started up.
Things just got so stinkin crazy,
it ticked off the entire family.

They say the Blazer caught on fire,
and Rachel dove for her dear life,
and when she hit the highway,
the logger goin 50 broke her legs.

We know lots of people love her,
she got tons of teddy bears.
And an allergy to flowers,
would have killed within just a couple hours.

Hailey really made her smile,
with that masterpiece of art.
She said not a single word,
but ate that cookie like she'd been starved.

Then there was this kid named Tony,
who was there when she got hit.
Good thing he's cool with trama,
he also witnessed gma's accident.

When Jake heard he hurried over,
poor kid forgot his socks.
Good thing the hospital has extras,
A fashion statement? no, but who really cares.

Rick and Dave told us some stories,
we just couldn't quite believe.
How could there be snow in summer,
and one hundred eighty nine degree heat?

Oh and then came time for dinner,
Jess helped her with the jello,
Should have had a bib to catch stuff,
all those crumbs fell on her clean nightgown.

Twas Ricky's job to bring his gma,
to the hospital.
Got there just in time for dinner,
fifteen minutes before nurses kicked us out.

So today Rachel and I found this song tonight... we laughed so hard!! I hope y'all find it funny and aren't too confused...I'm not sure what I was smoking when I wrote it, but yeah...enjoy :o)

Du Mon and Arson