Saturday, December 08, 2007

.: In the Drink :.

Funny Story Time!

Last night after work, I decided to go to Taqueria Vallarta in Felton for dinner (always a good choice, right?). The conversation in my head went something like this:

"Um, I don't really need my purse, I'm just going in for a second."

(I proceeded to put my keys in my purse like I always do, and shut the door. I went inside, ordered my dinner and went to leave...)

"Oh crap! Well I have a spare set of keys at my house... I'll just start walking and call people on the way to see if someone can give me a ride back... I'll cut through Redwood Camp, my house is really close if I go that way."

(I walk to Zayante Road, then realize that there is no shoulder on this road and it's really dark.)

"Oh well, it's a short stretch of road..."

(I make it to Redwood Camp and then realize there are no night lights on because we don't have groups in, so it was REALLY dark and I kept hearing things so I just started running. I made it across the new bridge (almost home!) and it was pitch black and I could faintly see the yellow leaves on the ground. Then all of the sudden...)


(I fell in the creek, about 8 feet down off the trail. I was soaking wet as I crawled back up the side of the trail and (very carefully) made my way home. I called Rachel up at the Front Desk at Mount Hermon and she gave me a ride back to my car after I got my keys from my house.)

And there you have it. :o)

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