Friday, June 01, 2007

.: Procrastination at its finest :.

Somewhere in the last 24 hours, May 31 disappeared. I did several completely meaningless, and several very meaningful things during these hours. I would put today's productivity at about 43%. (I love making up statistics like this.)

Work: Today FLEW by... I kept asking myself what day it was...
Homework: Didn't happen today. Needed to, but didn't.
Friends: Are amazing - I highly recommend them to anyone.

I also watched "Step Into Liquid" tonight and now I want to learn to surf - minus the fact that I hate sand, am terrified of drowning, and break easily.

Today my finger is done being broken. End of story, it gets no choice. No more cast for you, finger! Easier said than done.

This is my last weekend hosting at Redwood Camp... I will finally be down to one job and (maybe) can have a life again (but you all know I wouldn't have traded it for the world!)

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