Sunday, June 17, 2007

.: A Perfect Saturday :.

So you may be asking yourself... what exactly makes a perfect Saturday? I am here to answer this question. The key components are as follows:

- Good friends
- Good music
- A little roadtrip action
- Some sea life
- Tidepooling
- Coffee
- A good movie

Dang. It was a good day. May I just preface this by saying I live in one of the most amazing places on this planet? (I also love that the Nile population is now 3 strong in Santa Cruz... do you part, move here.)

So... we started the day last night by deciding to make a Saturday Monterey trip (a summer staff tradition, really...) I (Nile-ite #1) renewed my MB Aquarium membership and was ready to roll. Jordan (Nile-ite #2) came over about 10am and we headed to Coffee Cat for a little AM jump-start before the mini-roadtrip south. On the way, we decided to do a little shopping - we missed the Watsonville Target exit, but there is one in Seaside so that was handy. We found a nifty parking spot and headed down to meet some friends (Crabs, Duchess, Guido, & Ducky) who were already inside. Bonus points - we had an awesome mix to listen to on the way down!

May I just say that I fall a little more in love with the aquarium each time I go? It really is amazing. The jellyfish are my favorite - muy bonita!

After a while we decided to snag some lunch, and were serenaded by the ever-talented keyboard player who seems to be in the same place, playing the same songs every time we head down to Cannery Row (remember him, Dory?)

To keep with tradition, after leaving downtown Monterey we went to Asilomar Beach (in Pacific Grove) to do some quality tidepooling. I have decided that this is easily one of my favorite passtimes... a little mild rockclimbing, the thrill of the catch (of the mini crabs), and just enjoying the ocean. I got a little lost (or at least took the REALLY LONG way back), but we made it back to Santa Cruz just in time to meet up with Tessina (Nile-ite #3), get some dinner, and watch one of our favorite movies from our high school summers - Extreme Days.

All in all... it was the perfect Saturday. I have pictures, look!

Asilomar Beach - Pacific Grove, CA - best tidepooling ever

The thrill of the chase...

Me & Jordan - childhood friends, reunited for the best summer ever!

Mr. Crabs - imparting his crabish wisdom to one of his own

The Duchess - always down for a good time...

Guido - la chica muy bonita!

Ducky - sittin' pretty


Brandon K. Baker said...

Hooray for tide pooling and aquariums!

Jadd Mayor said...

Do you want to see any pictures and draws from the brazilian boy? You can comes in

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