Friday, June 08, 2007

.: Bigfoot Museum :.

After 4 years on summer staff and an entire year-round experience in the Santa Cruz Mountains, I finally did it. I visited the Bigfoot Museum in Felton.

So what, you may ask, finally prompted this adventure? Let me tell you. My good friend Jordan Fried is at camp this summer - he arrived today. In anticipation of his time here, I decided to write him a summer "to-do" list. As I suspected, visiting the Bigfoot Museum was on the top of his list of things to cross off said list.

As convinced as I was that it would be closed, I took the Highway 9 route to Santa Cruz on the off-chance that the museum would be open - if nothing else, he could see the outside. You can probably guess what we discovered as we approached...

It was OPEN!

For those of you who haven't set foot inside the Bigfoot Museum, it's an interesting experience. The owner (pictured above) claims to have personally spotted Bigfoot at 5 years of age and has been fascinated ever since.

Anyway, within a few short hours of arriving at Mount Hermon, Jordan has completed an item on his list. (yay!) It's gonna be an amazing summer! :o)

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