Sunday, February 26, 2006

.: A Word to the Wise :.

ok so i have never really understood that phrase... if you are wise, you should already know whatever it is that i am about to tell you.. anyway... so this morning as i was showering, i touched the wall, and was mortified to find that i was slippery!! now we are not talking about your average slippery tile wall, no no... there was most definately some sort of bacteria involved. it was at that moment that i realized that one of my greatest fears is bathroom scum. literally. i was terrified. i nearly screamed and ran out of the bathroom. ok so you get the picture, and this story does have a point, i promise. upon my shocking discovery of the grossness inhabiting the very place i am to go to get clean, i set up shop and went to work to detoxify the bathroom. i had my checklist: bleach, rubber gloves, tilex, mildew remover, flipflops, paper towels, garbage bag, confined space. wait, what? no ventilation? meh, not a big deal, i can do with a few less brain cells i suppose... well i ran the showercurtain through the washing machine with some bleach... removed the mold from the ceiling that you couldn't really see but i know it was there... the scum from the walls and faucet/handles... went around the rim of the tub... and thats about as far as i got before realizing that my face/neck/arms were beat red, my nose was burning, and i couldn't really breathe all that well. so i have abandoned the mess for the time being until ALL the little spots in my vision go away and i feel semi-normal again. and the moral of the story is... do not, under any circumstances, allow bacteria/mold to live in the bathroom every again. :o)

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