Thursday, November 02, 2006

.: Country Music = Therapy :.

Disclaimer: this is not really intended for city-folk. In fact, it's not really intended for anyone who isn't from the Nile... but read on if you wish.

Soo... I had a little realization today. I can really truly handle anything. Why? Because, I know who I am and where I came from. I am, indeed, a "Nile girl." It seems so trivial to stress over little details... not that those details aren't important, but really... what matters? How my hair looks today or what so-and-so thinks of me? No. I come from a land where there are certain truths that may only be known to those who live there. I know how to drive in the snow, chain up my car, operate a wood splitter, start a fire, put one out, avoid ending up in the ditch, shoot a gun, re-load ammo, jump off a 30-foot cliff and land in a deep enough spot that I won't break my neck, "surf" in the river off a bridge, ride a snowmobile without getting stuck, fix all kinds of random things, weld, fix my car (within reason), cook enough to be satisfied and basically problem-solve anything. These are basic survival skills. Having fun is part of surviving, too. When "going to town" is a 30 min. drive and usually an all-day affair, you really learn what you can live with and what you can live without. Don't get me wrong... I love "fancy" sometimes, but realistic more. What the people in my life look/dress like matter so much less than the wisdom and life experiences they provide. We might look ridiculous trying to get 6 people standing on 1 rock in the middle of the river, but that's one of my favorite memories. Camping in the woods (no campsites, no roads, no toilets, no electricity, no running water...honestly, most people don't understand the meaning of the word "camping"...) and not showering for 3 days and smelling/looking horrible wouldn't sound appealing to most people, but again... one of my favorite memories is from doing just that, spending quality time enjoying God's beautiful creation with the people He has put in my life (if you have never been to Bumping Lake, you must go). To people who don't enjoy snow I ask, have you ever woken up in the morning to sunshine on a freshly blanketed field, all sparkly and just plain beautiful, just begging you to come outside and play? People need to play more... after basic survival needs have been met. All this is to say... I listened to one of my favorite country mixes this morning and I love life again :o)

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