Saturday, October 14, 2006

.: S.L.O. :.

So… this trip deserves a blog.

I just got back from an AWESOME 4 days in San Luis Obispo, visiting Lucky, Pierre, & Squirt. Highlights include:

Coffee at Linnea's
Class cancellations on Monday for both Pierre & Lucky
The Avila Barn
Pirate's Cove
Squirt coming up from Santa Barbara
Our loooong chat on Monday afternoon
The Guardian
Hanging out/doing homework till 4:00am at Pierre's (and only dozing off a few times)
"Breakfast" at Subway
THE ATASCADERO ZOO (basically… a tiger and some birds)
Planning our Child Care New Year's REUNION!! Woohoo!!
Decorating Squirt's Myspace
Discovering my new favorite CD (Imogen Heap, anyone?)
Applebee's (and Squirt's bucket-o-rum drink)
Jonah at Lucky's

Visiting is fun… y'all should try it. I have lots of extra beds. For real. :o)

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