Sunday, December 11, 2005

.: Things That Are Pretty Awesome :.

Things that are pretty awesome...

I just thought I'd share some places I have found joy today.

old friends
new friends
finally finding sheet music for "Carol of the Bells"
learning how to play the song
married people
single people
seeing my parents happy together
a friend's new lil baby girl
a 4 year old running across the room cause she is so happy to see you
worshipping with friends
"getting it"
crazy stories
being real with people/them being real back
a race to see if it's faster to find the words in the book or "google it"
being with people you are totally comfortable with
christmas music
planning roadtrips
mr. wildschut's red car that takes the new couples away to their honeymoons
filling an entire church to the brim with wonderful friends

I hope this brought a smile to your face :o)

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