Friday, October 07, 2005

.: SC :.

May I just say that I can identify with almost ALL of these ...

1. If you surf or have at least 3 friends who surf.
2. If you can name three of the towns up in the hills.
3. If you know that "tranny" is not refering to transexual
4. If you can name at least 3 beaches on the eastside and 3 on the westside.
5. If the difference between Pizza My Heart and Pleasure Pizza is obvious.
6. If people walking around with extremely high lacy underwear sticking out rapping about a nickel doesn't alarm you.
7. If the difference between longboard and shortboard is obvious to you.
8. If you can get fresh sushi from your grocery store.
9. If you are/know a Vietnam War veteran who hates George W. Bush.
10. If you don't say bro, you say dude.
11. If your favorite bands are bands that your parents like.
12. If winter clothing consists of jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie sweat shirt that says SC on it.
13. If a $1.5 million home on the West side doesn't surprise you.
14. If you are or know someone who is vegan or vegetarian.
15. If you know someone who has gotten into a philisophical argument over whether or not cows have feelings. (or something similar)
16. If you own more than one pair of flip flops.
17. If dressy shoes for you are sneakers or fancy flip flops.
18. If when you walk down town you see more than 5 people asking for money on the same block.
19. If you know what the "Keep Santa Cruz Weird" shirts are talking about.
20. If you have been or know someone who has been in Junior Lifeguards.
21. If you know where the best place to see elephant seals is.
22. If you know why Ano Nuevo is not a popular swimming beach. (besides the distance)
23. If you know what the Wharf to Wharf is.
24. If you can name at least 3 surf shops.
25. If you think that seeing a hundred foot redwood is not unusual at all.
26. If you know what it means to be anti-urban.
27. If casual wear for a day on the town could easily be bikini top and shorts.
28. If there are so many VW hippy vans that the local car workshop specializes in Volkswagons.
29. If you know where all 3 locations of Marini's are.
30. If you know what SLV stands for.
31. If you know the difference between Seacliff and Seabright beaches.
32. If you've visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium more than 3 times.
33. If you think of the Big Dipper as something other than the constellation.
34. If you know what brings tourists to Natural Bridges in the Spring and Fall.
35. If you have at least 3 articles of clothing with SC on it.
36. If you think of the word typhoon as something other than a monster wave.
37. If you know someone who wants to run their car on french fry grease.
38. If you are used to a select group of women who don't like to wear bras or shave, but it still disgusts you.
39. If you know of at least one supposedly "nerd school" in Santa Cruz.
40. If you know who robert is.
41. If you know a homeless person's name.
42. If you can name at least 2 health food stores downtown.
43. If you know where the Metro is, and go there every now and then.
44. If you can easily distinguish the tourists from the locals.
45. If you are able to completely ignore the noise of the street performers downtown.
46. If seeing people wearing clothing from every single decade in the last century in the same block doesn't surprise you.
47. If you've been to the Boardwalk at least 5 times.
48. If you know people who go to UCSC and/or Cabrillo.
49. If when someone tells you to meet them at the lighthouse, you know exactly what they mean.
50. If you know what downtown is like on Halloween and First Night.
51. If you know when a big swell is coming through even if you have nothing to do with the ocean.
52. If you know what the orange flowers that cover the hillsides in spring and summer are.
53. If you know why local surfers aren't tan.
54. If you can't give directions, but you could walk directly to somewhere.
55. If it's freezing at 40 degrees and hot at 85 degrees.
56. If a water temperature of 60 degrees sounds balmy.
57. If you know what brussel sprout fertilizer smells like.
58. If you wear wear flip flops, not sandals.
59. If wearing a mini skirt or boardshorts in the middle of January is normal.
60. If you know the difference between sushi and sashimi.
61. If you can name at least 2 Taquerias.
62. If you know what UCSC's drug reputation is.
61. If you know a street performer by name.

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